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Couples Counseling

Relationships are challenging. Whether you want to make sure you're on the right track before you tie the knot, or you are at your wit's end fighting the same fight, couples counseling can help you address what's necessary to grow and heal your relationship.

Individual Therapy

Feeling a little stuck, or like your life is not quite where you want it to be? It is easy to feel depressed or anxious if you are struggling at work, transitioning life stages, or having a hard time in your relationships. Therapy can help you address specific issues that are playing out in a way that makes you feel supported and understood.


A relationship does not follow a straight line that always moves skywards. There are sharp bends, downs and sometimes even the way back down. In many places along the way, questions arise: Does my relationship still make sense? Is it worth it to fight for the partnership? What can I do to make my partner sexually interested in me again? This list is intended to give only a first impression of problems and questions that we can discuss within the systemic couples therapy in Grünstadt. Let's take a closer look at the following question:

What is a happy partnership?

Happy partnerships are characterized by a balance between harmony and conflict, similarities and individual interests, emotions and factual needs. You can often see couples walking hand in hand through the streets and believe, based on this snapshot, to see a happy couple in front of them. That may be true for this moment. However, there are new challenges every day that couples face. Because they are not in a vacuumed room, but are surrounded by people who influence the relationship. Friends who take the time of others, crises within the family, children who also file their claims. Within this system, couples must manage to find their own way and not turn off at one point while the other goes straight ahead. Unfortunately, relationships often reach a point where coexistence becomes juxtaposition, in the worst case, even conflict. At this point I would like to stand by your side as a systemic couple consultant and accompany you along the way to find the best solution for you and the partnership.

What can you expect from the systemic couple counseling?

The experienced couple counseling is a systemic-solution-oriented couple counseling or couples therapy. As a couple consultant in Grünstadt in the Vorderpfalz, I let myself be guided by empathy and authenticity, by awareness and esteem, advising you with methodical competence and emotional intelligence. Guilt, aversion or conflict should be resolved as part of the couples therapy so that you can regain your sexuality that has been lost.

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